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Bill and Tanis Merimee
President & Founders
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Bill and Tanis Merimee were married in 1991 and have nine children. They met at the Cleveland Institute of Music while pursuing their undergraduate degrees in music performance. Bill is a violinist and Tanis is a cellist who freelance extensively throughout the Cleveland area. Bill is also a captain at the Fairview Park fire department and an RN working in the ICU at Fairview hospital. Tanis manages the daily affairs of raising a large family while homeschooling their younger children. Bill and Tanis are also presenters at the Jesuit Retreat House Pre-Cana program and certified marriage Couple Ministers for the Diocese of Cleveland. They have hosted many Marriage Enrichments and numerous mini retreats in an effort to enrich and strengthen Catholic marriages.
Mike and Debbie Dosen
Accountants & Secretary
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Mike and Debbie Dosen are CPAs. Mike is a partner at McManus and Dosen and a graduate of Cleveland State University. They have been married since 1987 and have six children. Mike is an avid reader of philosophy, theology and history. He has given several talks that relate to religion and Catholicism. Mike is also the creator and founder of the Catholic Apologetic website http://www.buriedtreasure.us. Together, Mike and Debbie are a Natural Family Planning (NFP) presenting couple for the Pre-Cana program at the Jesuit Retreat House and both are certified as marriage couple ministers for the Diocese of Cleveland. Each helps facilitate a couple's faith group as well as individual bible study groups for moms and men.
Paul and Meredith Koopman
Advisors & Planning Committee Members
paul.koopman@marriagesofgrace.org meredith.koopman@marriagesofgrace.org
Paul and Meredith Koopman were married in 2005 and have five children. Paul is the co-founder of E5Leader LLC., http://www.e5leader.com a leadership coaching and mentoring company which gives people and organizations success tools to maximize their potential and develop equilibrium. He has co-authored his first book “E5 Leader: Success Tools to Maximize Your Potential & Develop Equilibrium, for Life.” Paul is also the President of YouCan, Inc., http://www.youcanadvantage.com a youth coaching company that is designed to help young people develop their potential through leadership. Additionally, he is a John Maxwell Team Certified Member. Paul has the unique ability to create value and instill belief in people’s lives and organizations. Paul and Meredith work together to instill leadership principles into their daily relationships with God, each other, their children, and with others.
Tom and Maryanne Shaniuk
Advisors & Planning Committe Members
tom.shaniuk@marriagesofgrace.org maryanne.shaniuk@marriagesofgrace.org
Tom and Maryanne have four children and several grandchildren. They have been giving presentations on communications and faithfulness in marriage for over twenty years. They are a presenting couple for Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME), Coordinators for the Marriage Pre-Cana Program at the Jesuit Retreat House, promoting couple for the Couple to Couple League, and Certified Marriage Couple Ministers for the Diocese of Cleveland.
Mark and Linda Pierce
Mini Retreat Advisors & Organizers
mark.pierce@marriagesofgrace.org linda.pierce@marriagesofgrace.org
Mark and Linda were married in 1979 at the young ages of 17 and 18. With overwhelming odds against them, their journey started as high school sweethearts with neither of them attending college, and having 2 children before age 20. They have worked with each other in various business ventures, and have survived financial hardships, including near bankruptcy and career changes. Together, they have raised four wonderful children even homeschooling for a number of years. During times that were sometimes difficult and challenging, they chose not to become a statistic but rather to beat the odds; not only to remain married, but happily so, and to be able to call each 'best friend'. They are both active in their church and community by volunteering in various ministries and being part of scripture studies. Mark is the founder of several companies including E5Leader.com, LLC. As a couple, they work with engaged couples through Diocesan and parish Pre-Cana events. Mark and Linda have spoken to various organizations including Marriages of Grace, The Jesuit Retreat House, and local parishes on 'Communication in Marriage', 'Five Love Languages', 'The Temperaments' and 'Vertical Alignment'. Mark and Linda are a certified Marriage Couple for the Diocese of Cleveland.